Plastic Welding

Magnum is capable of delivering fully-welded assemblies to our customers. We have brought in-house an array of plastic welding technologies that meet the needs of every application. Our welding equipment covers both heat transfer and friction welding processes and includes: Vibration welding, hot-plate welding, spin welding, ultrasonic welding, and drader welding. Magnum can assist you in selecting a welding process that fits your application and component materials.

Today, most complete systems include some form of plastic welding. Magnum has designed and welded components in each of the processes listed above. Our team can assist you in designing your weld to achieve the greatest strength while eliminating the greatest amount of weld flash. We can make recommendations regarding the differences in the processes, cycle times, material compatibility, energy point placement, weld depths, and part geometry.

Magnum offers plastic welding for both prototype and production parts. We will develop and build all of the required fixtures for the welding and assembly process, and perform any tests needed to ensure the integrity of the weld. Through this, we are able to supply our customers with a final product, ready to be shipped to the plant.