Product Testing

Magnum is set up to perform a number of component testing operations to ensure complete functionality and performance. We can develop a Design Verification (DV) and Product & Process Validation (PV/PPV) test plan to prove out your components in key areas. Magnum can suggest testing methods based on your product’s design or we can perform tests based on a test schedule provided by our customer.

Tests can be performed through computer aided engineering (CAE) software analysis or through physical testing of prototype components. Common tests Magnum utilizes include: Leak testing (vacuum decay or positive pressure), burst testing (static), chemical and corrosion resistance, airflow (flow restriction and pressure loss), filtration (bench test), NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness), pull-off and insertion force, pull-strength testing (weld-depth penetration), and stroke testing (pulsation) in climate chambers.

Magnum has a knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians that will work with you on lab testing and analysis. Our design and manufacturing team will then incorporate any changes that need to be made into your product or into the manufacturing process. We can also integrate many of the testing methods listed above, such as leak testing, right into our production line, so each part can be tested in-process.