Magnum’s diverse capabilities allow us to fulfill your need for stampings, brackets, baffles, rivets and other parts. We can even supply high quality, custom-fabricated metal components using a variety of manufacturing methods that reduce both cost and timing.

Our metal forming equipment is intended to accommodate all types of prototype and low volume production programs. Our Metal Stamping Division includes large 150-ton presses and smaller 5-ton presses to produce any component. We offer TEBIS design

solutions, CNC lathe capabilities, and pure fabrication services for experimental applications.

Whether your component will be plated, E-coated, or made of stainless steel, we can use CNC laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC punching, CNC shearing, brazing, deburring, and conventional milling and drilling to develop your prototype metal component. We can also develop progressive stamping dies for higher volume orders.

Stamping Tooling
Part Materials Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Steel, Titanium, Zinc
Timing 2-4 Weeks