Rubber Molds

Magnum has been a pioneer in developing rubber prototypes that effectively replicate the sturdiness and heat resistance of production-grade materials. We offer several solutions depending on the requirements of your specific program. Our design team can explain the variety of mold types available and how they are suited to your particular application.

Our prototyping methods are designed to cut lead time down to its absolute minimum. We use custom blended material developed exclusively for our process that results in

extremely low cure times, enabling early stage, testing of your part or assembly. Our rubber molded tubes are available on a prototype level, saving you the cost of traditional tooling.

We also supply our customers with rubber components in a variety of production materials, such as: EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Vamac, and Silicone. Our production parts are formed in steel mandrel tooling, and we are capable of developing components of any durometer for your application.

Prototype Tooling
Materials Steel Mandrel Tooling
Tool Life 1,000+
Timing 2-6 Weeks