Injection Molds

Our design and engineering team will develop an injection mold that meets your program's specific requirements. We can offer expert advice on part design and tool characteristics, including mold-flow, shrink, ejection issues, and tool life.

We offer several tooling materials, including aluminum, composite, Kirksite, and steel. Our designers can discuss with you the advantages of each. Our team can also assist you in selecting part material based on your cost and performance requirements.

Our injection molding machines are capable of running thousands of thermoplastic materials. We frequently use: polypropylene, ABS, SantopreneTM, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and polyethylene. Magnum is also a leading supplier of prototype turbocharger

components made of glass-filled nylon, which has a melt point of 265° Celsius.

Once your design is finalized, your tooling will be cut exclusively by CNC machining. Our experienced operators are meticulous through the entire process. Magnum's skilled toolmakers will then bench your mold to precision, install your tooling features, and prepare your mold for use.

Magnum is proficient in developing everything from open-and-shut molds, to multi-cavity molds, full of action. The tool features we offer include: lifters, hydraulic cylinder slides, pneumatic cylinder slides, mechanical horn-pinned slides, full ejection, water-cooled lines, gas assist, grained surfaces, wear pads, pressure gauges, among others.

Prototype Tooling
Materials Composite, Aluminum
Tool Life 500-10,000+
Timing 2-6 Weeks
Production Tooling
Materials High Density Aluminum, Steel
Tool Life 100,000+
Timing 3-6 Weeks