Magnum's casting services are perfect for prototype and low volume orders. Our pattern tooling and foundry processes are efficient, accurate, and capable of achieving fine part detail.

Magnum is able to produce sophisticated, cast aluminum components, including complex automotive components with thin wall sections that are difficult to attain. All castings, including those with thin walls, are tested for leaks and porosity and will be suitable for use

in real applications. An impregnation process can also be used to ensure your part's total functionality.

Castings with critical surfaces are CNC machined to ensure dimensional integrity. We can machine any surface to within any tolerance. Your castings will be inspected in-house on our CMM equipment and quality documentation, including PPAP, can be provided for your review.

Pattern Tooling
Processes Gravity Casting (Sand and Plaster), Investment Casting, Die Casting
Part Materials Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass
Tool Life 5,000+
Timing 2-6 Weeks