Rapid Prototypes

Because cost and timing are often critical aspects in a prototype build, we offer our customers the best alternative to traditional tooling in the form of rapid prototypes. The turnaround time of selective laser sintering can be as fast as a few business days. Urethane parts can developed in a matter of weeks and closely replicate production-intent components.

From CAD data, our designers and engineers will quickly and accurately produce functional prototypes for your program. Our rapid prototypes are useful for developing your concept, determining fit, and reviewing your assembly throughout the design and development process.

We utilize the latest materials available and can offer suggestions on which material will best simulate your production piece. SLS can produce a range of material properties, from parts that are rigid, to those that are flexible and rubber-like. Our SLS parts can also be “infiltrated” to prevent absorption and made resistant to hydrocarbons and other corrosives. Urethane parts can be used for high heat applications.

Typically, our rapid prototypes can achieve up to 90% of the physical characteristics and functionality of true production parts. This means that many components can withstand the rigors actual testing, depending on your programs’ requirements.

Rapid Prototype
Materials SLS - PA GF (Standard)
Timing 2-14 Days