Component Assembly

Component assembly is a key service Magnum offers its customers for both prototype and production applications. Our assembly processes include all of the ways in which individual components are joined together to form a system. The two categories of assembly we perform are divided into mechanical bonding and plastic welding. Each requires specialized knowledge of the equipment used and the component materials involved.

Magnum is able to install and assemble many types of mechanically bonded components, such as airflow and pressure sensors, band clamps, and other specialty products, such as Henn connectors and Norma fittings. These joining methods are common to our customers’ products, so we are familiar with their use and characteristics. If necessary, we will build any of the fixtures needed for assembly and to ensure proper orientation and seal.

Magnum has brought in-house an array of plastic welding technologies. These include vibration welding, hot-plate welding, spin welding, ultrasonic welding, and drader welding. These processes form a permanent, molecular bond between two or more plastic components that is often stronger than the parts themselves. We are not only familiar with the welding processes, but can assist you in designing your product for plastic welding. We will provide insight into material compatibility, process limitations, weld design, energy point placement, weld depths, and anticipated cycle times.

Lastly, Magnum will supply all of the fixtures needed for the assembly or welding process. The volume of parts required will often determine the robustness and automation level of the processes and fixtures needed. Through our assembly capabilities, Magnum is able to supply fully-assembled systems to our customers, ready to be installed at the plant.