Engineering and Design

Magnum's engineering and design department is staffed by a seasoned and talented team of industry professionals focused on developing our customers’ products. We can assist you by providing engineering and design support pertaining to all aspects of product design. This includes engineering your component to work in its intended application, designing it for functionality, performance, appearance, and for manufacturing it in high volume. We will also assist you in proving out your design through both CAE analysis and physical testing of prototypes.

Our customers have found Magnum’s engineering and design team highly competent in many areas, but we are especially proficient in vehicle powertrain systems comprised of plastic components. When it comes to engineering, Magnum has a working knowledge of these products and their performance and manufacturing requirements. We come to the table with no learning curve and can immediately begin adding value to the discussion. For this reason, we have earned a reputation as problem solvers and have found solutions to major crises where other suppliers could not.

Outside of product design, Magnum’s tooling design capabilities cover both prototype and low volume production tooling and assembly fixtures. We offer innovative tooling solutions that eliminate expenses while delivering the quality and quantity you need. We can offer you advice on tool design options, material characteristics, and discuss with you the pros and cons of various manufacturing processes. Our team utilizes the latest CAD software and can translate any native data format.

Working with Magnum, our customers tap into a reservoir of over 30 years of industry experience. We provide every customer the same level of service and are proactive in meeting your needs. Our customers are free to source us directly for engineering and product design or simply consult with us to work through the product development process. Either way, our level of commitment and responsiveness is peerless.