Blow Molds

Our design and engineering team will develop a blow mold that specifically meets your program's requirements. We can offer expert advice on part design and certain tool characteristics. We will explain issues like manufacturing feasibility, wall thickness, and the risk of vacuum collapse.

Blow mold tooling is typically cut from aluminum, and we will help you select an alloy grade that is suited for your particular program. Our programmers use the latest CNC software to reduce lead time and enhance accuracy. All tooling is machined and benched to precision.

We can also assist you in selecting a resin based on your program's requirements. Our in-house blow molding machines are capable of running a range of part sizes, including long tubes and ducts with intricate convolute sections used in vehicle air induction. Our machines feature CRT control systems and allow for maximum flexibility.

Our focus on prototypes means our customers never have to wait for tool tryouts. Whether you need the first article, are conducting limited “mule builds,” or require finished production components, our blow molding processes can be tailored to achieve your program's objectives.

Prototype Tooling
Materials Aluminum
Tool Life 10,000+
Timing 2-6 Weeks
Production Tooling
Materials High Density Aluminum
Tool Life 100,000+
Timing 3-6 Weeks