In 2001, Magnum integrated into one facility in Westland, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. Our new facility brought our entire team under one roof, which now includes our design and engineering department, our manufacturing facility, our quality control department, and our front office.

Design and Engineering Department

Our design and engineering department utilizes the latest CAD software and can handle any native format, including Unigraphics and NX Ideas, and other drafting programs. Our system is connected on a secure network, which allows our customers to instantly upload math data and drawings via FTP over this website. We have a dedicated T1 Internet connection to eliminate download lag-time.

Manufacturing Facility

Our primary manufacturing equipment includes: CNC machining centers, plastic injection and blow molding machines, thermoforming machines, rubber molding equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, a wood shop, and other tools of the trade. Our entire work floor is equipped with compressed air and is serviced by a Demag industrial bridge crane. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities have evolved and expanded over the years, keeping us comfortably ahead of the curve.

Quality Control / Inspection Room

Because quality is key, our facility includes a temperature and humidity-controlled inspection room used exclusively for CMM and manual layout inspections. Our equipment is cutting-edge and can provide detailed inspection reports, including 3D plots and graphs to demonstrate that your parts completely conform to the original CAD data. All of our customers' production parts are thoroughly inspected and PPAP documentation is prepared and tendered to you as a matter of course.

Front Office

Magnum's front office staff is seasoned and responsive. Our sales team is knowledgeable in the processes that will best suit your specific program. We are always available to meet with you face-to-face to discuss the services we offer, and we will be candid about programs that exceed the scope our business. We view our customer's best interests as those of our own, and we do not make promises regarding timing or quality that we cannot keep, even if it means losing a quote.

Our shipping department is organized and proactive in ensuring that your parts are packaged securely and delivered on time to any destination worldwide. Our building has a deep-pit loading dock to accommodate all forms of shipping and receiving. We will familiarize ourselves with your company-specific shipping protocols and track your delivery to verify that it has been received.

Please feel free to schedule a guided tour of our facility or call us with any questions you have.