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Industry Professionals

Magnum's quality workmanship is a direct result of our company's talented team. The skill and experience of our employees is unsurpassed in the industry, allowing us to consistently meet our customers' expectations.

Magnum is always seeking talented designers, machinists, toolmakers, and other skilled tradesmen. We believe that hard work and dedication to doing things right should be praised and rewarded. Our human capital is our company's best asset, which is why we maintain a strong collegial atmosphere.

If you believe you have a skill or ability that will add to the capabilities of our company, please send your resume to the address below. We will strive to make our company an enjoyable place to work and build your career.

Magnum Manufacturing
Attn: Human Resources
39140 Webb Drive
Westland, MI 48185

Internship Program

Magnum now offers opportunities to college students and young apprentices in the trade. We offer part-time, paid positions for students with academic and entry-level experience in CAD/CAM and tool making. Preferred applicants to the internship program will have completed at least 30 credit hours and have a basic knowledge of CAD software and design, or be familiar with CNC machining protocols (Work NC), or have been exposed to working in a shop environment.

Applicants will be supervised and instructed by an experienced designer or tradesman, and will have the ability to shadow them through the daily activities of working in our industry. If appropriate, Magnum can provide confirmation to your school or institution to satisfy the requirements for receiving academic credit. Be advised: While we are willing to work around your school schedule, we expect all participants to be punctual and professional and have a desire to learn and complete their assigned tasks.

If you are interested in participating in Magnum's internship program, please send your resume to the address above, specifying “Internship Program” on your application.